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What is smovey

The name smovey, derives from a unique fitness aid, developed and manufactured in Austria. When used in pairs, they are known as smoveys and comprise two rings engineered using the highest quality materials and when used correctly can activate your body muscles, thereby increasing flexibility, and relieving stress, by stimulating the body and mind. Smovey has an infinite number of uses, both outdoor and indoors across the spectrum of all ages and is particularly beneficial for those wishing to undertake a gentle fitness regime. FitMoves Ireland introduce you to many of these benefits through our regular fitness classes held in various venues in Donegal or you can purchase Smoveys via our website.

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Commit to be fit
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Burns Fat, activates up to 97% of body muscles

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Accelerates your body's metabolism

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Strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system

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Firms the Arms, Legs, Buttocks and Stomach

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Great for Balance, Co-ordination and mobility

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Visit our shopping section to view our complete range of smovey clothing & equipment. Here also you can view and book from all available upcoming smovey fitness classes ....